Certified public accountant turned novelist and screenwriter

Writing is my first love but second career.

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First Look: A Death In Hartsend

A snapshot of Hartsend, Kentucky in August 1970. This is an introduction to the characters and world of Dana Lemaster's upcoming novel, A Death In Hartsend. Available on Amazon

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A Death In Hartsend

How far would you go to avenge the death of your best friend? That’s the question facing fourteen-year-old Jodie Cantrell in A Death In Hartsend. It’s the fall of 1970, the first year of school desegregation for Hartsend, Kentucky. Changes to the established system rankle alpha whites, who are accustomed to having their own way in everything.


Behind the scenes...

Tough Look Back

For years, I went to great lengths to keep certain parts of my past out of my writing. Better, I thought, to deal with the past elsewhere and focus on other sources for my creative work. There’s only one problem- memories can have sharp edges. It’s especially true when they’re called back to you via the lives of others.

Preparations and Complications

Although I’d written two novel drafts in the past, I chose different methods to plan my new book. I’d switched to screenwriting in the interim, and now felt more comfortable using those methods as the initial basis for structuring my narrative. It wouldn’t be possible to rely on screenwriting methods completely, because novels and screenplays are designed for different purposes. 

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When Everything Changed - Pt 1

It’s been a few years and forever since lockdown. You see reminders of it-an occasional “dirty pen” container, faded foot decals marking where people need to stand. I don’t think anyone who survived that time is anxious to recall it. But looking back, I realize it’s impossible to tell my journey to A Death In Hartsend without mentioning this period.

When Everything Changed - Pt 2

During lockdown, I expanded my knowledge for my book set in 1970 Kentucky by reading extensively, including “Brown to Meredith” and “Going to School in Black and White.” Online communities, Zoom exercise classes, and film watching with my husband helped me cope. As restrictions lifted, I reconnected with family and friends.

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