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How far would you go to avenge the death of your best friend?

That’s the question facing fourteen-year-old Jodie Cantrell in A Death In Hartsend. It’s the fall of 1970, the first year of school desegregation for Hartsend, Kentucky. Changes to the established system rankle alpha whites, accustomed to having their way in everything. Racial tensions lead to a protest where Heather, Jodie’s best friend, stands with those who favor desegregation. It sparks a chain of events that ends with Heather’s murder. After they link the murder to the son of an alpha family, police stop their investigation. An outraged Jodie challenges the town for justice-and finds herself being stalked by the murderer.

A Death In Hartsend is a fictional story inspired by actual events. The latest updates are available on my newsletter. You can subscribe by clicking here.

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Dana Lemaster
Novelist and Screenwriter