,grant to Dana Lemaster (“Author”), and her
licensees and assigns, my consent and permission to include my name, interview, headshot or other photo, and further information provided to Author (collectively the “Information”), in Author’s email newsletter, Author’s website (the “Website”), and Author’s social media, and in promotion and advertising for Author. I grant Author the right to assign this Permission.

I understand that Author may, in her discretion, provide me with the opportunity to review the use of the Information, however I understand that once the Information is published in any form I will have no right to review or make changes.

I understand that I will not be compensated monetarily for the use of the Information. However, for the valuable consideration of being featured by Author, I release Author and Author’s licensees and assignees from any claims arising or related to Author’s use of the Information, or related to the Website or Author’s newsletter or social media. I agree that this agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Maryland.

I acknowledge that I have read this Consent and fully understand, and intend to be legally bound by, its content. I am over eighteen years of age.
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